A 2,500-square-foot restaurant and bar, located in Bushwick, Brooklyn.




Located at 425 Troutman Street, The Rookery lies at the heart of Bushwick—a former industrial neighborhood which has been transformed into a popular arts and entertainment district. In this post-industrial landscape of rough steel and brick structures, the rezoning of old, industrial warehouses to mixed-use buildings has seen a number of bars, restaurants, shops and galleries emerge. The Rookery is housed in a former truck storage building, with an 18-foot-tall ceiling, and an additional 40 feet of open space on the side of the street. The unbuilt front space on the street was transformed into an enclosed garden, screened off from the street by a porous fence, which leads from the sidewalk, through the indoor portion of the restaurant, and into the rear outdoor space.

The existing exposed steel beams were the aesthetic inspiration for a new layer of structure which encloses the kitchen and bathroom on the ground level, while providing a mezzanine space for the office and storage. The new columns and beams, which wrap around the indoor space on all sides, are also exposed, and continue the expression of an architectural style. The industrial aesthetic of the large, horseshoe-shaped bar and the 18-foot-tall steel cladded back wall contrasts with the refinement of the Moroccan patterned tile floor and the antique wallpaper applied around the banquettes. The Rookery was designed to express the power of architecture, while still maintaining a relaxed and comfortable environment for socializing, drinking and dining.