The proposed design of a private residence in San Pedro, Monterrey.




The ‘Foothill House’ is one in a series of three commissions based in Monterrey, Mexico, entitled ‘Concrete Series.’ It is situated between the foothills of the Sierra Madre on the South and Miter Hill on the North of the San Pedro district of Nuevo Leon. The house is on a 60-square-meter plot of land, located on the North-side of Rio Volga, a street framed by the backdrop of the Sierra Madres.

The owner, a sculptor who works with seeds and various other natural forms, wanted to create an environmentally sustainable home in keeping with the surrounding landscape. This inspired a design in which one’s view of the home appears continuous with the mountainous backdrop. The layout of the two-story home was designed based on functionality, to accommodate a variety of activity, including a yoga and meditation room, as well as an art studio space. The second floor cantilevers over the living room, kitchen and den, and provides shade throughout the year.

The roof plane, with spectacular views of San Pedro, features the owner’s sculptures, as well as a pool which served to insulate the rest of the house. The basement below also facilitates rainwater collection for purification and reuse in the garden. Separated into distinct zones, the garden provides carport access for deliveries and pick-ups from the studio, as well as a flat area for gardening and exhibiting sculptures.