The complete renovation of a private residence in Deal, New Jersey.




The design for this project entailed a new addition to an already existing Federal-style house in New Jersey. While the front of this house was whitewashed and well-preserved, the Federal-style details on the back of the house have been damaged beyond recognition. Our strategy aimed to de-materialize the back of the house, creating an incision from which to extrude the new addition. The existing house intersects with the new addition at the stairwell, which links the two sections in the X, Y, Z direction.

The new addition is an open loft-style space, which encompasses the kitchen, dining room and den, and extends to view the rear garden and pool. The second floor in the new addition is used as a terrace for the children’s bedrooms, and the third level serves as a private terrace for the master bedroom, with views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.