Broadway Loft



Broadway Loft


The renovation of the lobbies of a two-entry building in the landmark district of SoHo. One of the entrances is off West Broadway, a very busy and important throughway in SoHo, and the second entrance is off Thompson Street, which is a much smaller and quieter street.


In construction.


SoHo, or ‘South of Houston’, is a district in New York with cobble stone streets, lined with industrial buildings with cast iron façades. This neighborhood was transformed from its original industrial use to a make-shift artist colony in the 70′s, and then to an upscale shopping district in the 80′s. It has become an eclectic place where successful and affluent people, inspired by the loft living of the 70′s, can purchase large, open spaces and transform them into luxury apartments.

The Broadway Loft project required that the façade of the building, which had already been altered in the 1940’s when one of its cast iron columns was cut to widen the entry, be restored and modernized, all the while preserving its historical quality. The lobbies of the building were designed to maintain the original industrial feel of the building, whilst serving a few families on each side of the building, each owning their own full floor.